What do the score categories mean? overall (🌡️): Overall. identifiability (👁️): Some combination of uniqueness and how easy it is to identify on the street. colors (🎨): The color palette, rated from a standpoint of appeal to the eye. symbols (💫): Poetry, in the sense of what different aspects of the plate might mean (symbolic colors, slogans). typeface (🔤): Shapes of letters and digits, both in serial and identification of jurisdiction (for example). clarity (👓): The opposite of how confused the entire design is.
How do you feel about vanity plates (custom, non serial identifiers)? They are ok but often tacky. I don't like when they are "funny" and the kind of driver that often dons them doesn't help.
What is going on with you? Not much how about you?
Why did you make this? I get excited when I see out of state license plates wherever I am.
What's your favorite color? Green.